The Big Kahuna Race Recap By Short Fuse Motorsports

The Big Kahuna – Kamloops BRITISH COLUMBIA (we got it this time!)
2018 Race Recap – Short Fuse Motorsports

A hare scramble event that sets itself apart from the rest features Motocross, Grass Track, Endurocross & Bush sections as well as 120km/h straights that make even the most experienced rider clinch just a little bit.

Racers were split into two abilities Motos, Morning class was 1.5HR for the B Riders and 2.5HR for Most of the A Riders while some senior expert & women expert did only 2 Hours.

Boy was it a tough race at 1.5 Hours and we can only imagine the 2.5HRs the Experts had to ride on with an already whooped out track!

VIEW BIG KAHUNA RESULTSdirt bike news upcoming events alberta british columbia hare scrambles cross countryCheck out this sweet compilation of the race by Short Fuse Motorsports the creators of the Wheelie Gaurd that helps you look badass if you lack the ability to wheelie all day long.

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