First ever all female team in the Numb Bum 24 hour ice race!

Kimpex ice Cheetahs all women Team


Here is the presentation of Ice Cheetahs Race Team :
#815Christina Fluet
#723 Kelly MacAulay
#27 Cynthia Prefontaine
#53 Monia Thibodeau



The race will be in SandyBeach, Alberta next week-end, February 18th 2017. Here’s a presentation of the team and we which them the best of luck.
Christina Fluet num bum 2017
Christina Fluet #815
My name is Christina Fluet. 
I am married and have 3 girls.
I have raced in The Alberta Triple Crown series for 4 years. 
My husband has raced the Numb Bum race for 8 years, and I have always been in the pits helping out his teams. I decided that I wanted to have a team of my own, so I started asking my fellow girl riders to join me. I love riding and feel that it would be a great accomplishment to be able to finish this 24 hour long endurance ice race along with a few other great female riders by my side!


Kelly MacAulay Ice Racing
Kelly MacAulay #723
I have been racing on ice since 2011 with the Second Gear Club, and I raced and completed the Numb Bum 24hr in 2014. I have also raced Dirt Oval with Central Alberta Raceways, and ATV MX with the ATV Triple Crown. From the moment I finished my first race, I knew it something I had to do. Racing the Numb Bum 24hr on an all women’s team has been a personal goal of mine for 6 years, and it would be such an accomplishment to finish! I look forward to being on a team with these strong women, as we face this challenge together.
Cynthia Prefontaine #27
Motocross/Snocross racer, owner of Twenty7 Promotions, producer of the Mx Girls calendar and life enthusiast. I decided to race on this team because the team members are wicked people and the challenge is a tough one! The harder the challenge, the better the reward!

#53 Monia Thibodeau
I am 25 years old and I have been racing on ice for about 10 years. At first I followed my father but it soon became a passion.
Last year I participated in the 12 hours of endurance of la Tuque with Cynthia and later she spoke to me of the 24 h Numb Bum… I could not refuse this offer! I love meeting challenges and pushing my limits. I really look forward to demonstrating to the guys team that 4 determined cheetahs are able to do.
Good Luck!

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