My Machine – Stephen Foord


Stephen Foord a name known to many as one of the top Veteran Racers across North America in the Endurocross Scene, Winning the AMA Endurocross Vet Championship he has proven himself worthy to be in the mix with the best of the Seasoned Veterans that throw their leg over a bike.

Stephen tends to max himself out and race as many classes as possible at any event he goes to, unlike most competitors who will race just 1 or 2 classes. Racing in 4 different classes at endurocross, sometimes races are back to back. He says it helps him warm up for the main events he ends up always being on the podium on.

Even though just over 40 years of age, Stephen finds himself racing in the 30A Classes in Former CMRC, now AMSA series offroad in Alberta and Across British Columbia for CXCC offroad championships.

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Stephen foord is a Beta Brand Ambassador and Professional Racer


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