LIVECHAT – The Girl On A Bike and Megs Braap and live chat about all biking | Part One

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As seen live on Instagram please join Megan @megs_braap and Vanessa @thegirlonabike for a recording of our live chat from Instagram Live. Two girls passionate about dirt biking chatting about a whole array of topics submitted by you!

This is part one so make sure you find part two too!

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As seen live on Instagram on Sunday April 5th, 8pm GMT / 12 noon PT!

Here’s what we’ll cover in PART ONE
– Intro and hello, welcome to people, expectations on how long we’ll chat, send comments and DM us to reply after
– Make sure you’re following – FB and YT too

Who are we [each mini intro]
– From, rides, little background

Foundation topics for both
– How did you get into riding motorcycles?
– What inspired you to be an enduro rider?
– What age did you start riding and how often do you train?

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You're riding along and find a tree down…of course you do what any sensible person would do… 🤪 OK, so I didn't actually ride over it clean… It was more of a wheelie onto it as pictured and then a three man job dragging the bike over the top. We could have done with Mr @gforcejarvis in the group to ride them over but hey sometimes you've just got to use muscle power 💪🏼 Who would have been up for this? Or would you turn around? Thanks to storm Denis this certainly wasn't the only tree we had to navigate either! Riding with @ifr_uk @hoadleydarren on the 2020 TE 250i #jarvisbasics #motoadventure #wheelie #hardenduro #extremeenduro #husqvarnamotorcycles #husqvarna #pioneeringsince1903 #enduro #te250i #Husqvarna250 #goride #findyourflow. #acerbis #hebo #askforcardo #ukbikers #greenlaning #mototrials #advrider #motodistancing #thegirlonabike

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Alternate questions
Megs specific
– Why do you run two bikes and are they set up differently?
– Have you tried any trials bike riding?
– Why have you stopped using a pipe guard?
– Do you name your bikes with cool names like Bear?
– Why do you always ride with your sleeves rolled up?

Vanessa Specific questions
– What happened to you? Your accident?
– With your injuries do you not worry about getting injured again doing hard enduro?
– You’ve ridden a range of TPIs this year, what made you settle for the 250i?
– What made you step into hard enduro?
– Romaniacs? Your thought process for entering?

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One of those moments when you realise you forgot to do everything you were meant to do… Resulting in… Splash 💦 Thankfully there were many other moments when I did what I was meant to do and smashed it instead of splashed it 🤣💪🏼 Absolutely awesome day getting wet and muddy with @freestyle_enduro_training on their private enduro training area. If you are in the South East looking for some riding I highly recommend booking in… But I don't recommend the river dip! #muddy #mudriding #enduro #hardenduro #waterproofs #watercrossing #dirtbikes #husqvarnamotorcycles #husqvarna #pioneeringsince1903 #enduro #te150i #Husqvarna150 #freestylebikes #advrider #motorcyclefail #twostroke #thegirlonabike #mxfail #failvideo #dailyfail #motoenduro

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Topics for discussion
Bike fitness [Vanessa to start]
o Getting in shape
o Dealing with arm pump, numb hands, tendonitis etc
o Off bike exercise ideas
o Diet and nutrient

Does size matter
o Managing as a small rider / smaller female compared to average guy
o Any bike set up tips
o Particular skills worth mastering

Overcoming fear
o Overcoming fears while riding / overriding the lizard brain/instincts?
o Knowing your limits but pushing beyond in controlled way
o Stupidity verse bravery
o Pushing you comfort zone – be right on the edge to learn but minimize risk

New riders / getting started
o Where to start as a beginner?


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