New Age CR500 in KTM Frame – KTR 500cc 2 Stroke Millar Race Engineering

Honda KTR 500CC by Millar Race Engineering

Canada just rocks, Adam Millar creates amazing CR500’s and KX500s that ship across the globe, bringing the roost straight into the chest of your competitors and almost killing them from his creations.

Based in Manitoba Alberta, home of over 100,000 lakes that covers 101,000 Square Kilometres, you never thought a place known for fishing and boating would also have the most amazing engineering and engine creator in the world.

Millar Race Engineering –



The Honda KTR500 2 Stroke was the creation of Adam Millar of Millar Racing Engineering. This was not Adam’s first rodeo, as he shoe-horned more than 30 Honda CR500 engines into donor chassis. The Honda CR500 remained basically the same from 1993 until it was discontinued after the 2001 model year. The CR500 cylinder used on the KTR500 was from the 1989 through 2001 configuration. The MRE built CR500 engine was completely different to ride from the KX500 engine. The Honda was a tame version of the KX500. It didn’t lash out; it wasn’t scary when the throttle was at the stops. It was calm and collected. It didn’t rumor when the engine built its power.; it simply sang rather than roared. A bike that shifts with ease and has zero vibration-and a chassis that does everything exceptionally well and offer and easy-to-ride power plant-was considered impossible with such an archaic engine design; however, MRE did it.

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