MRSI CHALLENGE XC – 2018 Photo Report

MRSI Challenge XC now with the AMSA Sanction had an amazing weekend with 25C Days that dried up the previous rain that fell 2 days prior that soaked the trails and left puddles everywhere with roots that were like a game of sinkers and floaters, MXC Elimination challenge style.

Jason Schrage ended up with a win and now 5 points ahead of Dupuis on the very challenging and tight technical course with Luke Sydor in 2nd and Kevin Dupuis down from 2nd to 3rd overall 9 Points Back.

With 3 Rounds left, Dirty Moose CXCC, Maze runner XC with a hard enduro section, and the season ender and double points event at Wild rose MX Track, the AMSA series will be one to watch with an almost 3-way race towards the 2018 Championship.

Check out photos from the Check and pits of the Event held in Hunter Valley, Alberta.


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