2018 MRSI Challenge Results AMSA

The 2018 MRSI Challenge was an epic 50KM Event of Historical Singletrack Across the lands of Alberta. Located in Fallen Timber Alberta just West of Cochrane, Racers battled it out across ridges full of rocks, roots, and surprises that had them “challenged” all day.

mrsi challenge xc 2018 PRO start jason schrage kevin dupuis luke sydor

This years event was a special event of 2 years in the making of trails that were groomed and prepped for the amazing event that brought 208 Racers into the forest to battle it out over the single track heaven.

Some racers were tested to their limits on the course in many aspects, however, the Dead-Checks were tricky for some as a punch was damaged during the event. Organizers suspect it was a Modified & overly duck taped Punchcard that restricted the punch from working and bent the handle of the Dead check punch.

Organizers announced that if you reached the “bailout” point and wanted to quit the race, you would be added to the Finishers list after racers who finished with proper checks.

Additionally, Pete Keeping stopped his race to help a fellow racer who suffered a broken arm during the event. After discussions organizers & AMSA officials determined Pete would receive 25 Points for his Act of Sportsmanship.

There were many finishers and a few riders who received a DSQ (Disqualification) for failure to have ALL 3 punch checks on the course. However even with a faulty punch check that was damaged in the event almost EVERY racer in the Top 5 Classes, Pro, Expert, Vet master, 30A, 40A managed to receive the proper number of punches, truly showing they are top of the field out in the gnarly races.mrsi challenge xc 2018 47

FULL RESULTS https://dbnews.ca/2018-mrsi-challenge-results

PRO: 1. Jason Schrage (HON); 2. Luke Sydor (YAM); 3. Kevin Dupuis (HSQ); 4. Jack Sawatzky (HSQ); 5. Kevin Pelletier (YAM);

VET MASTER: 1. Aj Prockiw (YAM); 2. Shane Cuthbertson (HSQ); 3. Micheal Dobovich (KTM); 4. Dallas Blumhagen (KTM); 5. Bj Lawson (KTM);

EXPERT: 1. Spenser Wilton (KTM); 2. Bruder Whyat (KTM); 3. Shane Eyre (HON); 4. Owen Mckill (HSQ); 5. Todd Campbell (YAM);

30+ A: 1. Tom Bodrovics (HSQ); 2. Lane Cooper (HSQ); 3. Colin Ryan (KTM); 4. Hermann Kukowski (HSQ); 5. Wolfgang Kukowski (KTM);

40+ A: 1. Shane Lowry (KTM); 2. Jamie Kromrey (KTM); 3. Geoff Jilg (KTM); 4. Darren Davies (YAM); 5. Keith Routley (KTM);

INTERMEDIATE: 1. Grady Dyck (KTM); 2. Levon Helmer (KTM); 3. Travis Sydor (YAM); 4. Carter Lowry (KTM); 5. Ryan Wallmer (KTM);

LADIES EXP: 1. Rita Bauman (KTM); 2. Jannie Devin Lamontagne (HSQ) 3. Monique Johnson (KTM);

50+: 1. David Sheridan (KTM); 2. Nick Karas (YAM); 3. Dennis Kaltenbruner (KTM); 4. Lyndon Miller (KTM); 5. Howard Lawrence (KTM);

40+ B: 1. Mike Tracy (KTM); 2. Scott Davies (YAM); 3. Bret Fazzio (HON); 4. Brock Macdonald (KTM); 5. Neil Jesse (SUZ);

30+ B: 1. Arjan Spelt (KTM); 2. Dana Draper (BTA); 3. Corey Wilfort (YAM); 4. Kyle Perry (YAM); 5. Colin Pals (BTA);

LADIES INT: 1. Lisa Belanger (BTA); 2. Erin Prockiw (BTA); 3. Jan Campbell (KTM);

JUNIOR: 1. Leighton Dyck (KTM); 2. Chase Cuthbertson (HSQ); 3. Riley Larson (KTM); 4. Jared Dyck (KTM); 5. Logan Catonio (SUZ);

BEGINNER: 1. Kieran Boyle (KTM); 2. Bryce Zabrick (YAM); 3. Barrymore Scott (HON);

KIDS EXP: 1. Riley Larson (KTM); 2. Tyler Plum (KTM); 3. Jake Mikkelsen (KTM); 4. Carsen Poland (KTM); 5. Scott Donovan (HON);

SPORTSMAN: 1. Christian Lawson (KTM);

KIDS INT: 1. Alex Fehr (KTM); 2. Kale Cuthbertson (HSQ); 3. Dayton Bley (KTM); 4. Brooklyn Bonneau (YAM); 5. Emily Mclane (HSQ);

LADIES JR.: 1. Margot Kirkwold (HSQ); 2. Meghan Williams (KTM); 3. Dawn Kostyshen (KTM);

LADIES BEG: 1. Annika Olson (HON); 2. Leanne Schnell (KTM); 3. Woulien Spelt (HON); 4. Melissa Byrne (KTM); 5. Robin Steinwand (HON);

KIDS JR: 1. Wyatt Genert (KAW); 2. Jace Larson (KAW); 3. Cory Spelt (KTM); 4. Anden Jilg (KTM); 5. Mick Davies (KAW);

KIDS BEG: 1. Jacob Pelletier (KTM); 2. Harley Lawson (KTM); 3. Aiden Spelt (KTM); 4. Tessa Kaltenbruner (HSQ); 5. Liam Elder (HSQ);

PEEWEE EXP: 1. Ty Jesse (HSQ); 2. Reese Lawson (KTM); 3. Nevin Steinwand (KTM); 4. Hailey Spelt (KTM); 5. Connor Griffiths (HSQ);

PEEWEE BEG: 1. Jacob Byrne (KTM); 2. Gavin Fehr (HON); 3. Gavin Bryne (KTM); 4. Isabella Bley (KTM); 5. Ryder Cazemier (KTM);


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