MYPitBoard LAUNCHED with Tyler Medaglia


Pretty cool Stand Alone Product that goes on your handlebar for Laptimes via GPS.
The DBN crew has used similar programs to track laptimes while dirtbiking on supermoto, motocross, ice racing & Offroad with the free Motocross GPS Lap Timer Program *not endorsed*,

This looks like a very cool product and Canadian at that!


MY Pit Board LAUNCHED with Tyler Medaglia
Supercross, Motocross GPS Personal Pitboard JOIN IT NOW KICKSTARTER
Supercross, Motocross GPS Personal Pitboard


Personal Laptops TO YOUR Handlebar, With a dedicated device, instant feedback, messages & Comparisons,
Segment Comparisons between Clients.

MyPITBOARD does what the traditional pit board can not: it delivers real-time, highly accurate data on every segment of the track to give you an edge without the need for transponders or extra track equipment.


mypitboard personal lap board
mypitboard personal lap board

my pitboard personal laptime barpad

Let’s talk about the pit board for a minute… A pit board is a must-have in almost all forms of motorsport but there are significant challenges in the way it’s being used today:

#1 – The rider isn’t receiving real-time feedback.

This means that by the time a rider finally enters the pit, it may be one or two laps too late. The rider had to pass the finish line, see the board and complete another lap before they could come in. Those one or two laps can make the difference between a win or a loss.

#2 – With a traditional pit board, you need someone manually providing you the data.

And… that person needs to know the nuances of pit board management. How high or low the board needs to be held. Where to stand safely. What to write on the board that’s helpful for you the rider… It’s not something you can ask your Great Aunt Betty to step in on.

#3 – Riders have a hard time reading scribbled data on a board while they’re flying.

We don’t need to tell you how difficult this is but in case there is room for doubt, here’s what a rider had to say about traditional pit boards: “I can barely pull a tear off without crashing. I seriously doubt I’d be able to read a scribbled message on a dry erase board.”

These challenges often prevent racers from getting to that next level… but at MyPITBOARD, we’re changing all of that. 

Laptime – Commonly Used Mode.
Section Mode
Holeshot Mode

my pitboard personal handlebar pitboard details
my pitboard personal handlebar pitboard details

my pit board personal taptime handlebar mount LAPTIMES
my pit board personal taptime handlebar mount LAPTIMES


*This product is not Endorsed or paid by MyPitBoard*

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