PRESS RELEASE | Grayson Gonsalves joins FactoryONE Sherco

For Immediate Release
SHERCO NOV.19.2019

Grayson Gonsalves joins FactoryONE Sherco

Spring Branch, TX – FactoryONE Sherco welcomes former Team Toper Sherco rider Grayson Gonsalves to the team. Grayson, who call the Aloha state home, will join the team immediately and will compete in the Red Bull OverRide in Decatur, TX December 7th.

I am so thankful to be part of the FactoryONE Sherco team for 2020. This has been a dream of mine for quite some time.” Said Gonsalves “I have been riding and getting comfortable on the 300 2 stroke for a few years now. It is a real hard enduro weapon. I love these bikes especially for the extreme terrain. I am looking forward to helping the brand grow here in the USA and seeing more Shercos on the podium.

Grayson Gonsalves Joins FactoryONE Sherco -Bike
Grayson Gonsalves Joins FactoryONE Sherco -Bike

Grayson Gonsalves was born on March 25, 1991 on Kauai, Hawaii and started to ride at the age of seven. His parents, Wendy and Ernie, supported his passion for riding and recognized his talent for racing. Grayson entered his first hard enduro at the age of 15, winning the B class in the Kauai Labor Day Hare & Hound. In 2017, in his first major race, Grayson worked his way through the amateur races at the Tennessee TKO and found himself lining up with some of the biggest names in the sport, where he finished 10th place overall in the main event. In January, he entered his second major race where he finished 8th overall at The RevLimiter Extreme. Grayson earned his first pro podium at the 2018 Mad Moose Hard Enduro. Now living and training in Arizona, Grayson will be racing most of the USA hard enduro events in 2020.

Grayson Gonsalves Joins FactoryONE Sherco Nov 19.2019
Grayson Gonsalves Joins FactoryONE Sherco Nov 19.2019

I am so happy to have Grayson on the team, not just from a riding standpoint, but also because he is a tremendous human being.” said Ron Sallman, team owner. “Grayson’s strong suit is hard enduro and he seems to get better and better each year. He will push the other hard enduro guys on the team. He already knows and trains with most of the guys on the team as it is, so the transition to the FactoryONE team will be seamless. He knows the bike and brand well as he has been on a Sherco for a number of years now with Team Topar.”

Grayson will be focused on the full AMA Hard Enduro series. He will kick off his FactoryONE schedule this December at the Red Bull OverRide and follow it with King of the Motos and RevLimiter.

About FactoryONE Sherco:

Team FactoryONE is a multi-time United States AMA championship observed trials team and newly formed enduro team led by some of the top riders in the business. The Trials team is led by 11x AMA Champion Pat Smage (Smah-gee) on the men’s side; and 6x AMA Champion Louise Forsley (fours-lee) on the Women’s side. The trials team consists of 10 riders. The Enduro team is led By Cody Webb and features eight total riders competing in disciplines like Hard Enduro, EnduroCross, GNCC and NEPG




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