ONE SHOT- Red Bull Drone with Tyler Bereman

Freeride MX pro Tyler Bereman isn’t just the king of massive air and mega-whips, he’s a master of flow. To put his effortless style and talent on full display, we connected with DJI and used their cutting-edge drone tech to follow Tyler on a one-of-a-kind freeride romp and captured it all through a unique aerial POV shot by Johnny FPV. Follow Tyler on this dream freeride session in El Cajon, CA, with all the action shot in one take using DJI’s latest drone technology, in the debut of One Shot.


Watch the behind the scenes with DJI and Red Bull where they make this amazing film come to life.


This is a one CUT, one take, one chance to make the entire clip and moment happen. Hats off to Red Bull and DJI for making this amazing footage.



Did you know there are movies that are either 100% one shot, or created to look like one shot? The Movie 1917 Was filmed and edited to look like a ONE SHOT film. Talk about talent .




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