Project BRC 500cc 2 Stroke – NEW VIDEO Review

Project BRC 500cc 2 Stroke – NEW VIDEO
Electric Start CR500, Power Valve, balancer, Hydraulic Clutch, KTM Transmission.
Motocross Action Magazine Review

“The 500cc two-stroke engine became extinct in 2000 when the last Honda CR500 came down Honda’s Kumamoto production line in Japan. These warhorses that were made for the men among men were forgotten over time. Big-displacement two-strokes took riders with finesse and a few screws loose to tame them.

Now, in a world populated by heavy, complex, 450cc four-stroke engines that pump out 60-plus horsepower off the showroom floor, the 500cc two-stroke doesn’t seem as intimidating to ride as it once did. Riders like Sean Collier and Tyler Bowers have shown that these 500cc beasts can be manhandled.

In recent years, the 500cc two-stroke market has been booming, and without any manufacturers producing these big-bore engines, the used 500cc market has exploded. New parts are few and far between, and used parts only last so long. This is why the BRC Engineering team came together to find a solution to the problem.

The Calgary, Alberta-based engineering company is best known for its championship-winning Super-Kart 250cc GP engines. Riley and Carter Will own BRC Engineering, which was started by their father.


A decade ago Riley noticed the motocross trend of rebuilding old Honda CR500 two-stroke engines and retrofitting them into modern aluminum frames. Riley was so enamored with the idea that he built a CR500AF for himself. But, he didn’t like the abrupt power of the CR500 engine and decided to manufacture his own 500cc, two-stroke, single-cylinder engine and design it so that it would be a drop-in project for a KTM chassis.”



Reserve your BRC500 Conversion Kit from Our Next Production Run – Shipping October 2019! $7500 CAD.

The BRC Racing KTM 500cc conversion kit comes with everything you see above, including bearings, seals, gaskets, fittings & fasteners. You supply the 2007-2016 donor engine and chassis.

bcr 500 all parts ktm conversion kit
bcr 500 all parts ktm conversion kit


BRC 500 Super moto cone pipe
BRC 500 Super moto cone pipe
brc 500 in KTM frame
brc 500 in KTM frame

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