World Exclusive – BRC 500 cc 2 stroke – The Big Bore is Back!

World Exclusive – BRC Racing 500cc 2 stroke – The Big Bore is Back!

We sat down with one of the creator’s of the BRC 500 built right here in our hometown of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


dirtbike magazine brc 500 article
dirtbike magazine brc 500 article




motocross action brc 500 article
motocross action brc 500 article




Designed to fit 2007-2016 KTM250/300 models, the BRC 500 Motor & design is currently a VERY limited production run the brand new big bore motor that transforms your current KTM, Husqvarna & select Husaberg 2 stroke Dirt Bikes using their internals into a ridable CR500 beast with updated balancer shaft, power valve & Electric Start as well as the wide ratio transmission that came stock on your bike.

Introducing current tech and implementation of a Balancer shaft, Electric Start, Simple Power-Valve with pneumatic operation and easily tuneable with spring rate and preload adjustments, a Cylinder Decompressor, CR500 Spec Piston & KTM Internals, the BRC 500 is the big bore engine that has longevity, simplicity built into a customized easy-to-assemble package, appealing to every rider.

You will fall in love with the Big Bore again the moment you turn the throttle of the BRC 500.

BRC is working on an EFI version that will bring even more power, tunability, mileage & performance out of the already amazing engine. Complete with everything you need to assemble including an exhaust and silencer.

Next production will be available late October/early November. We are taking deposits for this production now. If you want one, email [email protected] 

Tell BRC You saw our Dirt Bike News video and we will send you a Customized Care Package with Every BRC 500 Order!

Retail $7,500.00 CDN
Bore: 89mm
Stroke: 82mm
WEIGHT: Unknown
Horsepower: 72hp
Torque: 59Ftlbs
Fuel Delivery:  PWK 36mm carb bored to 38mm

As of Aug 16.2018 First Production kits are sold out.

For more updates on the BRC 500 check out FACEBOOK

Contact BRC RACING – [email protected] – BRC MOTORSPORTS

With our new prototype exhaust designed by Howard Gifford and built by Jaws Performance, we have set a new level of performance. 72HP & 59FtLbs!!!! 

BRC 500 Dyno Horsepower Sept 2018 72HP, 59 FtLbs Torque
BRC 500 Dyno Horsepower Sept 2018
72HP, 59 FtLbs Torque


BRC PHOTO GALLERY – All photos from BRC Engineering, BRC Motorsports


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