South Koreas Sanlim Hard Enduro! Bi-Annual Event

South Koreas Sanlim Hard Enduro

When you think of World Hard Enduro what comes to mind? Romania, Erzberg, Sea to Sky, Americas AHE Series with Knockout and Rev Limiter and even Canadas Maze Runner Hard Enduro?

Kevin From South Korea reached out to us after seeing some of our postings of their great race series to say they are alive and well in the Hard Enduro World. They show world class terrain with hundreds of riders and some of the best support both locally and globally with the events they run.

The SANLIM, the major event, is a bi-Annual in both spring and late Autum (fall) in South Korea. The classes are a simple Middle & High Rank (or Intermediate/Expert). The Clubs and races have a great relationship with Russia and Taiwan the series is quite strong.

Many competitors race top quality machines while traveling through small villages and the local terrain that Western Nations dream of riding through.

In 2019 EVERY event was cancelled expect the SANLIM Hard Enduro! Which is a huge feat comparing to North America were much was put to a halt earlier in the year.

Check out South Koreas Hard Enduro Scene Today, maybe plan a vacation to South Korea and experience a new world.

KRER – Association of Hobby Enduro Riders.
KNCC, Main Race Series.

박싸커 산토바이TV Youtube Channel


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