The 90s motocross scene was WAY cooler than today

Champagne showers of the past

The 90s motocross scene was WAY cooler than today.

The 1990s. It was the era of dial-up internet, grunge music, MSN chatrooms and frosted tips. And in motocross it was the Golden Age, defined by two-stroke motorcycles, hot pink gear sets, punk rock music and…frosted tips. As Red Bull Straight Rhythm steps back in time with an all two-stroke competition, some of the sport’s greats, including Jeremy McGrath, Travis Pastrana, Jeff Emig and more reminisce about why the ‘90s were just so cool. __ Experience the world of Red Bull Motorsports like you have never seen it before. With the best motorsport videos on the web and original series, prepare for your “stoke factor” to be at an all time high.

The 90s Motocross scene was WAY different from where it is now, some 28 years ago Jeff Emig, Jeff Stanton, Jeremy McGrath & Chad Reed had more fun than anyone combined today can even dream up. In the 90s Motocross racers were Considered Rockstars, Celebrities, & last an athlete, you would have to be riding that old tech compared to what there is today, and drink off surviving a race on what we consider now prehistoric technology.

Come into 2019 and soon, 2020, Athletes are trained better than most astronauts and many Olympians, both physically and mentally. No longer do they celebrate each victory with Champaign showers and vegas cash in the hot tubs with the top 90s models and celebrities. They thank their sponsors, have their recovery drinks, eat a well designed and prepped meal, have a 1/2 day off and then start training as soon as their prescribed season calls for it.

Many see teammates and other competitors take on serious and life-threatening injuries every single season and race, they must keep their mental game straight, or they too could end up on the stretcher, or worse, Retired.


Watch an inside look what it takes to prepare, groom and train the best riders in the world in the MotoCross stage from behind the scenes look at the Baker Factory. Musquin, Osborne, Carmichael, Roczen have all been part of The Bakers Factory.

Jeff Emig and his rockstar Days with Shift
Jeff Stanton rocking his CR250
Jeff Emig is not what you have seen him groomed to be Today by Feld Entertainment.

Honda Retro CR500 (now redone by BRC)


Broc Hepler was rockstar
Yamahas retro purple frame is making a comback
Honda CR250 is still an amazing bike

VIDEO - The 90s motocross scene was way cooler than today

VIDEO – The 90s motocross scene was way cooler than today 



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