The Battle of Bighorn Park – Alberta Environment Minister Shannon Phillips LIED – Deceit and Mistrust

The Battle of Bighorn Park – Alberta Environment Minister Shannon Phillips LIED – Deceit and Mistrust


Now we don’t like to politicize on DirtBikeNews, However, our very backyard, the reason we are here, why many of the top and best offroad Racers in Alberta, BC, & Canada Exist is because of it. We are under attack, from a rogue government that is listening to Foreign ENGO’s (environmental non-governmental organization) instead of citizens.

ENGO’s have a hold on the current government that is making MASSIVE changes to where and how we use the land, making DirtBikers, OHV users, Random Campers and Recreational users seem like yahoos who just want to see the forest burn. Please, Read, Listen, and Act, We need your Help.

Some of the Media And Alberta Government See us as a Minority, they could not be more wrong. OHV users, campers, Recreational users of the backcountry are the core of Alberta, It is what makes us, well Albertan.

Alberta’s Shannon Phillips has been caught in a web of her own lies to Albertans, canceling any meetings on the Big Horn that were meant to consult with Albertans. OHVS to be banned from Alberta’s Backcountry?

The fate of OHV use in Alberta is in the Hands of an Environment Minister that refuses to publicly consult on massive land changes. Watch this 7 Min Video Below of the past few months in Alberta. It has been a rollercoaster.

The Big Horn plan does not only affect OHV users, but it will also have a dramatic effect on Trail and area use for all users, Equestrian, Cattle owners, Ranchers, Hikers, Bikers, Native landowners and even commercial activities such as forestry & Oil (Albertas livelihood), Most have not been consulted.

FACT – Essentially, once an area, previously Crown Land, is transferred to a PLUZ or Park, any and all OHV use is restricted, and illegal unless on trail systems on a government map.
No trail systems exist in the proposed Big Horn PLUZ or PARK for OHV.

Several Counties, stakeholders and Landowners in the areas have come forward that they have NOT been consulted or included in closed-door meetings to actually talk about the effects of such as a massive park. Many were appalled when a knee-jerk solution to falsified claims of Harassment & bullying were spouted from Shannon Phillips, RCMP, the Canadian Police, said there were no claims on their end. This is a Government Offical we are talking about, not some Online Facebook Bully trying to be a scientist through their keyboard. The Opposition, UCP, asked for Shannon Phillips Resignation. 

Towns, cities, Counties, and villages in the areas have already stated, The park is a terrible idea. Their resources, infrastructures, communities are already struggling and stretched thin in the grim economy that is upon Alberta, which is only to get worse in the year 2019.

They ask, why to put $40 Million dollars into a park when no one is asking for one that will put even more stress on their communities when so much more is needed than tourists.

Google Shannon Phillips Lied and see the stories pile up

Video Provided by: Coalition of Albertans for Public Lands Access – CAPLA…


Please Contact your MLAS Local and Abroad as we know many Canadians visit the Rocky Mountains in Alberta to ride, camp, recreate, and race.

Shannon Phillips MLA for Lethbridge-West

shannon phillips big horn lying

MLA Contact Information
Constituency Office
402 – 8 Street South
Lethbridge, AB
Canada T1J 2J7
Legislature Office
208 Legislature Building
10800 – 97 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
Canada T5K 2B6
Phillips, Shannon, Honourable  780 427-2391 Minister of Environment and Parks, Minister Responsible for the Climate Change Office

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shannon phillips lied big horn park say no
shannon phillips lied big horn park say no
Alberta Bighorn Park and Shannon Phillips- The deceit and Mistrust
Alberta Bighorn Park and Shannon Phillips- The deceit and Mistrust

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