2019 MRC Canadian Womens Motocross Schedule Released – CDNWMX

2019 MRC Canadian Women’s Motocross Schedule & Dates Released WMX –

With Jetwerx Buying CMRC in 2018 they renamed the longtime reigning Motocross Sanction to “MRC”.

A new face, style and team brought Canadian National Motocross racing to a whole new level across in 2018. With live streaming of races, big-name racers and the Massive Triple Crown Prize of $100,000 Awarded to Cole Thompson , Jetwerx is changing the way we have seen Motocross Across Canada and to the world and we cant wait to see what 2019 has to offer.

The Canadian Women’s Motocross Scene is no different, Riders such as Kennedy Lutz, Shelby Turner, Sara King, Eve Brodeur & Brittany Gagne are some of the fastest girls out there, even beating out the guys in the 250 Classes. 2019 will be no different with great tracks lined up across Canada and massive sponsors stepping in to support Women’s Motocross.
Want to help out? Visit their facebook & website today to see how you can support Women’s Motocross in Canada!

WMX 2018 Overall Numbers Handed out

Canadian Women’s Motocross National Series Association

East/West Shootout
August 17 – Walton Raceway (*no points toward series’)


RD1 June 1  – Wildrose MX Track –
Calgary, Alberta
RD2 – June 08 – Blackwater MX
Prince George, Alberta
RD3 – June 15 Mcnabb Valley
RD4 – June 29 Whispering Pines
Kamloops Alberta

2019 CANADIAN MRC womens motocross canada jetwerx 2019 dates
2019 CANADIAN MRC womens motocross canada jetwerx 2019 dates


RD1 –  July 13 – Gopher Dunes
Courtland, Ontario
RD2 –  July 20 – Sand Del Lee
Sand Del Lee – Ottawa, Ontario
RD3 July 27 – Riverglade
Salisbury, NB
RD4 – Aug 3 – Deschambault
Deschambault, QC

2018 Calgary motocross Nationals


VISIT http://mrcracing.com/





Brigden, On-  A solid year one for the MRC Rockstar Energy MXtour brought some excellent racing across the board, with the WMX class making the jump to the big stage it gave the fans a great addition and gave the MXtour Series more race action.

West Region
Round 1 – June 1 – Wild Rose MX
Round 2 – June 8 – Blackwater MX
Round 3 – June 15 – Mcnabb Valley MX
Round 4 – June 29 – Whispering Pines MX

East Region
Round 1 – July 13 – Gopher Dunes
Round 2 – July 20 – Sand Del Lee MX
Round 3 – July 27 – Riverglade MX
Round 4 – August 3 – Motocross Deschambault

East/West Shootout
August 17 – Walton Raceway (*no points toward series’)

For 2019, the schedule will take a bit of a new twist to it, with the Western Series finishing up at the Western Canadian Amateur National in Kamloops, BC. WMX racing is growing, more and more opportunities are coming through. With the 3 Major Amateur Championships, two 4 Round National Championship Series’ and finish the summer off with a WMX East/West Shootout at the prestigious Walton Raceway.

“This will be a cool addition for the WMX series, these Ladies will be ‘The Show’ come Saturday for their Series Finale of the West Coast. On top of that, all WMX riders can go Coast to Coast and race every round of the Series, just not collecting points on their opposite region.” – Kyle Thompson, Jetwerx.

“ I’m excited with what they have come up with for the 2019 season. Thanks to Jetwerx, the series keeps getting better and bigger every year and I can’t wait to see what this year will bring!” – 4 time Champion Eve Brodeur

“We are very excited for the 2019 season. The WMX is always a nice addition of the Rockstar Triple crown Series and we are thankful for the opportunities they are giving the women’s racers.” – Eastern WMX Ambassador Sylvain Brodeur   

“The changes made for 2019 are in my opinion a big step in the right direction for our series. We’ve gone from having to band together to organize things ourselves, to have a group of promoters that want to see our series grow and do all of the grunt work for us. Streamlining our series and following stricter guidelines will gain us more exposure and support moving forward. Although we aren’t necessarily racing for a team pay cheque, signing up for a National is the next level that up and coming ladies should look forward to, and current WMX riders should be proud of.” – Western WMX Ambassador Dominique Daffe

“This is a thrilling time for WMX because the core group doing what’s best for the women willing to chase a series and expand their goals. Breaking grassroots into national is never easy but the Jetwerx crew along with the ambassadors above have put together an attractive 2019 with so many options for all women racers.” –  Ryan Gauld, MRC

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