2018 Vancouver Island Harescramble Series Race dates (VIHSS)

Vancouver Island Dirt Riders Association in British Columbia (BC) have some amazing offroad races and Hard Enduro Type Events, With names of Races of Roots of Doom, and Hells Kitchen you are bound to find yourself tested!

April 15 – Roots of Doom (Whiskey Creek)
May 13 – Hell’s Kitchen (Cook Creek)
June 3 – Nanaimo Knockout (Nanaimo Motocross Accusation)
July 15 – The Titan (Tansky)
Sept 9 – The Kirk (Shawnigan)
Oct 14 – The Grind (Victoria Motocross Club)
Oct 28 – Redemption (Cook Creek)
November 4 – Crown Royal (Whiskey Creek)


Vancouver Island Hare Scramble Series

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