FXR Presents Pre-mix National Series for 125-150cc 2 strokes

A cool event has been announced by Motorsport Racing Canada (MRC), they are the guys who bought CMRC from Mark Stallybrass.

Now the event states it is only open to 125-150CC 2 Strokes, a vintage class to be offered, a for fun event. But who wouldn’t want to see some of the best guys in Canada racing the Awesome 500CC 2 Strokes such as the Hondas CR500, Kawis, KX500 and the newly announced BRC 500 that is being produced right here in Calgary Alberta?

A good reason may be that 500s, with the proper tire, rider, and conditions, will seriously trench and destroy any track you throw it on. Ice racing these big bores would simply place a 4-inch trench immediately if the conditions were soft, imagine a nice big meaty tire on some soft loamy MX track….

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JAN 20.2019
Brigden, ON –

Making a much-anticipated return in 2019, two-stroke racing is coming back!! Jetwerx is proud to announce that the “FXR Pre-Mix Nationals” will be joining the Rockstar Energy MXtour as a support class on the Pro Day at 8 rounds. FXR Racing has stepped up to bring a retro sound and look to the new-school racing scene.

These events will be one-off races to add a walk down memory lane, where the FXR Pre-Mix Nationals will be individual rounds and not running as a series.

“This has been in the works since the last-minute idea at the final round of the tour in 2018,” shares LIVE announcer Ryan Gauld. “With two-stroke popularity back on the rise, the amount of heroes that think they can still rip a 125, then add in that sweet-sweet smell of the pre-mix: this is a no brainer to add more of this
show to 2019 Rockstar Energy MXtour” “I am a big believer of two strokes, Love how they are making a comeback, the sound of a wide open two stroke is pretty damn cool too” – Andy White FXR Racing

2019 FXR PRE-Mix Nationals:

–Each event is its own. NO SERIES FOR 2019
– $40 entry fee (Free FXR T-Shirt at sign up)
– Practice plus Two moto format on National Saturday
– Top 3 Overall podium for the day
– Second moto and Podium LIVE on Rockstar Triple Crown National webcast

FXR Pre-Mix National Schedule

2. Prince George
3. McNabbs
4. Gopher Dunes
5. SDL
6. Moncton
7. Deschambault
8. Walton


– MRC Racing Rule Book used
– 12 years +
– 125cc to 150cc legal for FXR Pre-Mix Class
– Vintage 125s Welcome.
– FXR Pre-Mix Race Event Sticker MUST be at the top center of the front number plate.
– FXR Pre-Mix Bench race at day’s end

WEBSITE – http://mrcracing.com/
FACEBOOK – https://www.facebook.com/motorsportracingcanada/
INSTAGRAM – https://www.instagram.com/mrc_racing/
TWITTER – https://twitter.com/MRC_motocross

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