Hard Enduro starts are mental.

Ready, set, RUN Hixpania Hard Enduro 2017

Ok, we get it,  hard enduros are supposed to test you to the max, get the heart rate near borderline exploding with a side of heart attack and oxygen, please.

But, in reality, we bet many of you do not do a proper “warm up” phase with your body to get those muscles bloodied up, stretched and ready for war on the trail.  Some of you may not even warm your motorcycle (2-5min for a 2 stroke, about 2 min for a 4 stroke before revving it!) but hey your bike right!

Now we are all for a couple of jumping jacks, maybe a pedal bike ride to the sign-in shack, the washroom, back to the van, but a full-on sprint from a dead stop is getting a bit, well, extreme?

Boots are made for all sorts of terrain, but a 100 metre dash into a pitch black cavern is getting to be a bit dodgy at the best.  But that is why these guys are the best of the best right?

Watch GrahamJarvis do his best to sprint for a great start against some of the top riders in the world.

just Madness.


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