Turner Kicking ass and taking names!

Way to go Shelby Turner! Kicking ass and chewing bubble gum. But she’s all outta bubble gum.
With back to back events, racing in the men’s classes, Becoming the 2017 Womens Motocross Champion in the CDWMX in Canada. This ISDE Gold medalist is one all girls, and guys can look up to for performance and sheer determination on riding a dirt bike.

class and her women’s heats.  she is one busy gal!
Shelby is showing her confidence and comfort abroad her 250SXF KTM.  This X Games Endurocross Racer is no stranger to pressure and is on route to be a Back to Back Champion in the Women’s Endurocross Class.

She was the first ever women to place on the box in the Mens Endurocross Class, truly showing the boys how its done. Way to go!.
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