In 2007 Endurocross is brought to Canada – Corner Grass

In 2007 Corner Grass was created, Jay Mcgregor, Nick Riewe, Lee Fryberger & Shane Cuthbertson brought Endurocross to a small Hamlet that is on the border of Saskatchewan and Alberta in Canada called Compeer. Population 21. Don’t worry it has a bar and motel and a town hall.

The race had sweeping 4th and 5th gear corners into hairpins and the “snail” that was always present in  the Numb Bum 24 hour Ice race, where riders inside and exiting the snail would think they would be on a head-on collision, however as you get to the centre of the weirdly shaped obstacle you would then do a hairpin almost 270 degrees turn and start exiting.

During the race, you actually will travel into the province next door as you fly down the straights and ski jumps on the grass tracks and then come back into the main spectator area and go over endurocross obstacles

Riders from across Western Canada & East travelled to Compeer in 2007-2009 to experience the one of a kind track in the middle of a farmers field. With the nearest town over 50km away.

Read a lost article from Racer X Canada Below, Written by Shane Cuthbertson Himself.

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