Winter X-Games Coming to Calgary, Canada for 2020-2022

Winter X-Games Coming to Calgary, Alberta Canada for 2022-2022
3 Year Deal Inked for Town located just East of Rocky Mountains

No Motorsports for the Calgary Edition of Xgames? We will find out soon enough.

For the First time in Calgary’s History, Winter X Games will be host to amazing Extreme Events such as The Newly Introduced Snow Bike Cross which Canadians Cody Matechuck and Brock Hoyer Have been dominated In Years Past. Riders such as Enduro Star Colton Haaker and even the retired Monster Supercross rider Ryan Villopoto have been part of the new Sport. Watch Hakers Video on how not to suck, and how he got himself a Silver at the first ever SnowBikeCross

Cody Matechuck, Small town star of Cochrane, Alberta has been dominating the scene with Fellow Yamaha Rider Brock Hoyer. 

In 2017 Hoyer won the first ever Snow BikeCross Event with a gold, and Matechuck Placed Bronze. But in 2018 and 2019’s Winter X Games, Matechuck placed Back top Back Golds with Hoyer taking Silver in 2018 and Bronze in 2019.

Events also new were the Snowbike Hillclimb originally brought by Harley Davidson in 2018 and then adapted to Open Bikes in 2019. The Unique events that are involving the motorsports industry are claiming a larger audience and more spectators each and every year as claimed by athletes.

Stay tuned as more details on event locations, how to watch, qualifying rounds and Athletes automatically invited to the 2020 Season will be announced this year.

Calgary and Area is no stranger to being home top athletes in the world motorsports stage. Riders such as Shane Cuthbertson, Dean Wilson Cody Matechuck, Shelby Turner Julian Cerny, Marty Halmazna, Lexi Pechout, Stephen Foord & Melissa Harten and other up and coming athletes practice at events in Calgary or the area in both Motocross and Offroad that help create some of the best athletes in the sport and riding venues such as the Endurocross Track in Calgary which hosted Red Bull Rocks and Logs for over 4 Years

BUT, a big but, the Motorsports park of X games is still in the air to be hosted IN CALGARY, details will emerge on what exact events will come to the city, some, however, may be hosted elsewhere if the area is unable to accommodate.

Winter X games Events to look for in 2020 can include:


Watch the Offical Announcement Here:


Rewatch 2019 as Albertan Cody Matechuck WINS Gold in Snowbike Cross Event.

View Cody Matechucks 2019 Yamaha Snowbike Build and Offical Website


cody matechuck 2019 x games gold medalist- Cody
cody matechuck 2019 x games gold medalist- Cody - snowbikecross x games gold medalist 2019 – snowbikecross x games gold medalist 2019


Watch Winter X Games Snow Bike Hill Climb in 2018 ASPEN


Watch 2019 Winter X Games ASPEN Snow Bike Hill Climb 2019

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