Desert 100, The Year it Rained

What is it like to race the Desert 100, one of largest off-road races in North America?
Kris Morel has a first-person view helmet cam and commentary on the entire event, from showing up to the pits, signing in and lining up beside 1,000 other racers from across North America, Normally a desert full of endless dustclouds & roost, Rain was gifted for the 2018 event which brought a new technical challenge for the event

The Stump Jumpers race saw over 6,000 Participants over a 2 day weekend on a remote desert site in Odesa, Washington. Over 80 Canadians escaped Canada, trying to leave the endless snow to ride for what was supposed to be a dry desert, boy were they in for a surprise.

Saturday saw a record of over 3,000 on the poker run alone which caused a few bottles necks as it was raining a solid week before the event which created slippery conditions throughout the course. Which in its own can be a blessing or a curse depending on your riding style and if you would rather clean your caked air filter and have possible engine damage, or scrub your entire bike with the StickyBomb type mud that is in the desert of Washington. View Full results 

Many thanks to the Rocky Motorcycle Club, & Turner Crew for Photos from the event!

2018 Desert 100  -100 MILE TOP 3 Finishers View Full results 

1 979 John Beal Snohomish WA 2 03:35:43.31 30 – 39 years old 1 HSQ
2 631 ZACK MARTINEZ RENO NV 2 03:37:09.49 Open 1 KTM
3 676 James Sullivan Bellevue WA 2 03:39:03.78 250cc 1 GAS


2018 Desert 100 50 Mile Top 3 Finishers View Full results 

1 1347 Rod Virden Ephrata WA 1 02:04:38.55 50 – 59 years old 1 KTM
2 1241 PATRICK WATTS PUYALLUP WA 1 02:06:55.38 50 – 59 years old 2 HSQ
3 1194 SHELBY TURNER BARONS AB 1 02:08:07.16 Women 1 KTM


2018 Desert 100 WOMENS 50 mile Top Finishers View Full results 

1 1194 SHELBY TURNER BARONS AB 1 02:08:07.16 Women KTM
2 1328 Kerstin Orkney Stanwood WA 1 02:19:40.28 Women YAM
3 1366 COURTNEY SCHMALE SYLVAN LAKE AB 1 02:24:47.93 Women BTA


2018 desert 100 PhotosBySteve -FB
2018 desert 100 PhotosBySteve -FB

The entire desert is turned into a massive town that has thousands of campers/trailers, tents, event setups and more, It can take you over 30 minutes just to get from one end of the entire camping site to another. Or find the tavern in the night. The sunny side to the years prior is camping at the pits were now dustless from the rain, however, parking was done in a delicate ballad and somewhat of organized chaos with the soft fields competitors & spectators had to navigate their trails to rest for the weekend.

Things would need a proper scrubbing after the weekend’s activities.

2018 desert 100 alberta
Lineups Friday to get into the event were over 1 hour. Photo: Stump Jumpers

We can assure you there would be some parties to be had with over 6,000 motorheads in one area for a weekend of fun. The lineups just for staging could take over 30 minutes alone, which can take its toll as the winds were over 30mph & lower than average temperatures were not so pleasant to stand in. But for the Canadians, mostly Albertans, experienced a Summer compared to the 3 feet of snow and -15 Celsius temperatures (59F) they were experiencing just a week prior.

2018 desert 100 pits photo jeff Ferritto
2018 desert 100 pits photo jeff Ferritto
2018 desert 100 alberta
The wait for the slimy bridge at the poker run..
Photo: Rocky Motorcycle Club

While bottlenecks were had, the racing was unreal with mint conditions that would make you believe you had died and gone to heaven. Zero dust, amazing traction in many sections, which can get you in trouble if you decide to run over a couple bushes, which are still bushes because stubborn rocks have been under them for as long as the race has been going. It’s amazing how fast you can go when there is no dust in front of you and 100 guys you are trying to chase down

The finish line after 100 miles of desert, rocks, ruts, slimy trails and never-ending grass tracks may have you wishing for the finish line, or make you beg for more. Either way, the Desert 100 is something that should be experienced for all dirt bikers & racers alike.

2018 desert 100 alberta PAUL HANNA
2018 desert 100 Alberta PAUL HANNA
2018 desert 100 alberta
Women Podium 1st – Shelby Turner (AB) 2nd Kerstin Orkney (WA) 3rd Courtney Schamle (AB) Photo: Courtney Schmale

2018 was a massive event with Jam packed classes. Then women’s Event had an incredible 71 racers sign up from across North America. Alberta’s Shelby Turner, with an incredible racing record and recent Champion for Canadians Women’s Motocross and AMA Endurocross, she experienced her first Desert 100.

Shelby finished 1st in her class with an 8 minute lead over Washingtons Kerstin Orkney, and fellow Albertan Courtney Schmale brought home 3rd not far off Turner by 16 minutes over the 2 Hour Race.

Turners Overall finish in the 50 Mile class in 3rd place, just under 4 minutes from the 1st place of Rod Virden in the 50-59 class a Washington Veteran.

Whats even more impressive is the Finish of Jerry Gullickson of MountLake Terrace Washington, This man was in the 80+ Category and finished with a time of 2 hr:31min 35 Seconds, on none other than a Yamaha! This man finished 38th out of over 300 50 mile Finishers, We bet most of you won’t be racing after 50.
Jerry Has been with the Desert 100 For a LONNNG Time, and was race Chairman in 1980, 1985, 1986.

Shelbys Overall finish in the 50 Mile class in 3rd place, just under 4 minutes from the 1st place of Rod Virden in the 50-59 class a Washington Veteran.Be sure to check out youtube for more videos with our link that organizes it by Date!

Be sure to check out youtube for more videos with our link that organizes it by Date!

Check out the newest videos from the desert 100 HERE 

Check out this flyover of the 2018 Desert 100.


Start of the Desert 100 in wave 2 (50mile)




Source PhotosBySteve

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