James Stewart to make Announcement on March 29.2019

2019 james stewart announcement video

TheRealJS7 Instagram – James Stewart to make announcement March 29.2019 

James Bubba Stewart is to make some announcement on March 29.2019. Which he announced cryptically on Instagram via his channel. Will he come out of retirement? (we highly doubt that) But who knows what will be presented by the real JS7.

Many do not know the bad-boy party James Stewart as he turned a new leaf years prior to his retirement.
James Stewart was actually arrested for Impersonating a police officer. in March of 2011. 

Much has changed for Stewart, both personally and for the sport. When he returned to supercross he was taken out by Ryan Dungey after a vicious T-Bone incident in 2016, he was hit so hard his motorcycle had a massive dent in his swingarm. Stewart was knocked unconscious and never really returned to racing after the hit. Dungey received no disqualification unlike Tyler Bowers in the 2019 Supercross Season. 

Stewart’s brother, Malcolm has taken the reigns to racing and even was “invited” to Canada to mixup the Canadian Supercross Series points Which is hosted by the newly formed MRC run by Jetwerx.
However, Malcolm was sidelined early in the 2019 Supercross Season after Breaking his Femur in Gendale.

The Stewart family is no stranger to massive injuries that would certainly stop many a racer from continuing a career, lifestyle and more for the motorsport. However, the support of their family, fans, sponsors & from the sport itself continues on, only James and his family know what is to be announced, and in true James Bubba Stewart fashion, we are sure it will be quite an epic announcement.

It’s hard to speak when you’re not sure if you believe in what you’re saying.. sometimes decisions in life come within minutes … sometimes they take years. But whatever one you make, make sure it’s the one you believe in no matter what others believe is right for you. The moment has come for me to speak to all of you. Very Sorry it’s taken so long but I had to know forsure it’s the one I believe in…

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